GroupFit Wiltshire

When did GroupFit start?

GroupFit was created in 2015 and we were initially based in highworth running a Sunday morning 10:30 session. In 2017 we rented a hall 2 times a week, a spin studio and we built up an awesome community of around 45 members. In 2018 we moved into our studio, we are based Cheney manor running over 30 sessions a week, giving members a personal training service at a fraction of the cost of personal training.

How many sessions do you run per week?

We run over 30 sessions per week in a Group Environment.

What time’s do you run the sessions?

We run sessions at 5 45am, 10:30am and from 5pm onwards. Please see our up-to-date timetable for the latest information on classes.

Do you offer Personal Training?

We don't offer personal training anymore. To see results we recommend working out 3 times a week, If you were to pay for personal training with us this would cost you £40 per session. That’s £480 pound a month! When you join GroupFit we give the exact same personal training service for less than £60 pound a month, that’s £15 per week, £2.14 a day and that’s less than a Starbucks coffee.

Do you have any videos of a session in action?

We sure do, please check out our video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCr0fgg9dm0

Can I come a try a class?

We always offer a FREE 7 days for you to see if you absolutely love what we do. We always say you shouldn’t join if you don’t love what we do 😊!

Am I in a contract if I join?

No, we NEVER sign anyone into a contract and NEVER will. The only thing we ask is 30-day’s notice for any changes or cancelations of membership. This is so we can get in touch with GoCardless and change things their end.

What’s the difference between GroupFit and a gym?

You might see your local budget Gym for ‘Just’ £9.99 per month with NO joining fee along with the first month for free with free parking in city centre, Seems like a no brainier right!

To us, it looks like hell, grey, dark and just a load of kit that 90% of people have no idea what they are doing!

Your motivated, You had some sugar K for breakfast, prepped your salad for lunch and your off to get in shape!

You go for 6 days straight have, have 0 carbs because you have read that dropping carbs is good, lose 3lbs and your buzzing! You then do the same boring routine, it usually consists of 10 minutes on the bike, 10 on the runner and 10 on the stepper because you heard it burns fat, then jump on the ab machine for 3 half sets with your mobile if your hand checking Facebook, not sure if your even doing it right. This lasts around 7 days you and then you binge like crazy, can’t be bothered to go and that’s the end of that. Who’s done that? You are not alone!

We know hundreds that have... they crash and burn and end up worst off with a year long contract ahead. In fact, Budget gyms love it when your stuck in a contract and don’t show up, they take your money and the machines don’t get used … WIN - WIN!

Check out the top 10 reasons people don’t stick to a budget gym.

1. Lack of motivation.
2. Not having fun.
3. Only goal is to lose weight
4. It’s intimidating
5. Plateau or reach goal
6. Injuries
7. Impatient
8. Life gets in the way
9. Lack of knowledge
10. No accountability

I’m scared, I’ve never done a workout before?

You are not alone! Everyone feels this way before taking part in a workout fir the first time! Also, members at GroupFit are amazing! They will all support you every step of the way, they will all give you a high five when you smash your goals and we promise you will leave with a smile. If anyone ever makes you feel out of place we will ask that member to leave as that’s not what GroupFit is about.

How do you know I will get results?

We take great pride in helping our clients meet and exceed their weight loss goals. We give you all the help you need to get in shape and all the information that will help you achieve your goal. When you trust us, trust the process you WILL get fitness and fat-loss results. We also celebrate the PB’s you get in the gym.

Are your sessions suited to all fitness abilities?

Yes, Yes, Yes!! All sessions are very well suited for all abilities. We adjust sessions to suit, if an exercise is to hard we will change it and if the exercise is to easy we will change it.

What happens if I go away on holiday do I miss my sessions?

No, Never.. We ask you to get in touch with us and let us know before you go away. We will then recommended that you take a few extra sessions before you go away or add a few sessions when your home. This means you will never miss a session.

Do you shut down at all across the year?

We take Bank Holidays off and have around two weeks off. You will be told in well in advance so you can pre book those sessions in. You will never miss a session that you have paid for.

How do I book a class?

Booking a GroupFit session or class is very simple, you can book online or through an app called Gym Sync 2 weeks before a class starts.

How much notice do I give to cancel a class?

All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your pre-booked class or session in order to avoid being charged. If you fail to cancel your session 24 hours in advance, you will be charged for the session. GroupFit understands that emergencies do happen, so we allow every member one short-notice cancellation, free of charge. This only applies if GroupFit is notified of cancellation prior to the session start time. Non-attendance without prior notification will be charged in full. Although our cancellations policy may seem strict, these are in place to benefit our members. With limited spaces available per class, not showing up or a last minute cancellation will mean other members may miss out.


We are not a gym, we are a group personal training studio that is focused on getting you results and we do just that!

So, when it comes to comparing what we do and your budget gym we aren’t the cheapest, however we are nothing like a ‘Gym’ But, we can actually save you a lot of money, time and stress. So remember, at GroupFit you’re guided through the whole process whatever your goal is and we will take you through the most efficient way to get there, you will love working out and love achieving your goals.

Working with GroupFit you’re fast-tracking your long term success you’re investing in lifelong knowledge and guaranteeing yourself that this time you will be successful!So when deciding to get fit don’t choose on price because as with most things you buy cheap you buy again and again.

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